Doctoral Schools

Centrale Marseille benefits from an exceptional research environment in its areas of competence: chemistry, physics, mechanics and modelization. Its laboratories, which are linked to CNRS, are known for their high-quality scientific research in France and abroad.


Training through research

Graduate engineers with a Masters in Research can be accepted for three years of research on a personal PhD project. Today, Central Marseille has more than 30 lecturer/researchers authorized to supervise postgraduate research with over 50 PhD students carrying out research in Centrale Marseille’s partner laboratories linked to Doctoral Schools.

In addition, Centrale Marseille welcomes doctorants from other partner universities, including Chinese universities.

Doctoral Schools

Centrale Marseille and its lecturers are engaged in six doctoral schools at Aix-Marseille Université.

Centrale Marseille is accredited for supervising PhD students in:

ED 250: Doctoral School in Molecular Chemistry in Marseilles

ED 352: Doctoral School in Physics and Sciences of Matter

ED 353: Doctoral School in Sciences for Engineers: Mechanics, Physics, Micro and Nanoelectronics

ED 184: Doctoral School in Mathematics and Computer Science in Marseilles (see below for more information)

Centrale Marseille is associated in :

ED 251: Doctoral School in Environmental Sciences

ED 372 : Ecole Doctorale "Sciences économiques et gestion"


Doctoral Schools provide a high-quality scientific structure and preparation for students’ professional careers. They are responsible for monitoring both the progress made by, and future prospects available to, their PhD students.

The Thesis Charter

The Thesis Charter, required in Doctoral Schools, is a moral contract between the student, the thesis supervisor, the head of the doctoral school, and the head of the research group or laboratory. It guarantees quality by defining the rights and obligations for each party. Preparation of a thesis is part of a personal and professional project and therefore must be clearly defined in terms of objectives and resources. The Charter represents a freely-assumed commitment by all those involved in this project.


Valorization of the doctoral thesis

All theses are listed in the catalogue of French universities (SUDOC). An electronic version of the thesis is legally registered by Centrale Marseille’s Documentation Centre, which also arranges for its dissemination with the appropriate authorizations.

For more information, see ‘To submit your thesis project’ [in French]